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CDI Time Card System
An employee time entry system.

The CDI Timecard System is an internal time recording system that is used by my current company (Control Dynamics, Inc.) and its two sister companies.  The system consists of three components:
  • A Microsoft Access Database (created from a previous system),
  • The Timecard Server (a COM object) which runs on the same file server as the database,
  • The Timecard Client which runs on remote computers.

System Overview

    • Developed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 with ADO as the data access tool.
    • Uses DCOM for communications between the server and client.
    • Displays a list of current projects that the users can log time against.
    • Caches data for offline use and automatically sychronizes when it reconnects to the network.
    • Provides weekly time reports and project time reports and displays them in Internet Explorer.
    • Records the following items in a entry: 
      • Project with customer
      • Project phase code
      • Time worked
      • Earnings type (regular time, overtime, etc)
      • Billing type
      • Mileage
      • Comments
    • Searchable project lookup.
    • Optimized for quick data entry.
    • Interacts with an internal project manager web application.  This web application uses the same database to initiate the projects, review project information, review customer information, and view several project reports, including labor information.

Screen Shots
Main Screen
The main screen shows a summary of the week selected on the calander.  By default, the screen shows the current week when the program starts.  From this screen the users can see the total number of hours entered for each day as well as a total for the week.  The users can add and edit times by double clicking the appropriate entry.  Also, the weekly time report and the project report can be accessed from the main toolbar. 
Add/Edit Time Entries
This is the dialog box used when the user enters or edits a time entry.  They select from a list of projects, select the cost code, then enter the time worked on the project.  If the cost code is "Travel" then they enter the mileage information.  The Earnings and Billing Type will display defaults for the day the entry is made, but can be changed if needed.
Weekly Time Report
This is a sample of the weekly time report.  If a time report is printed in offline mode, it displays a warning that it was created offline with cached data and that for an accurate report, the user needs to be online.