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QueSO Manager
An Amateur Radio contact logging program.

An Amateur Radio contact logging program.  When an Amateur Radio operator completes a radio contact with another operator, he generally enters the pertinate information into a log.  This program allows for quick new contact entry and previous contact entry viewing during normal radio operation.

System Overview

  • Developed using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.
  • Major functions include:
    • Add, edit, view radio contact entries either while operating the radio or anytime after a contact.
    • Search for all contacts with a specific call sign or wild cards.
    • Hide or view each of the columns.
    • Selection of column sort order for each column.
    • Retreives key operator information for the callsign entered from an Amateur Radio callsign database.
    • Browse country call sign prefixes (the prefix is the letters before the number and the number in a call sign).
    • Displays a summary of contacted countries, states, and Maiden-head Grid squares.
    • Add a potential contact to a contact scratch pad. 
    • Filter main screen entries by frequency band (s).
    • Converts local times to Greenwich Meantime easily.
  • Optimized for use while operating an amateur radio.
  • Interacts with two disparate databases.  The logs are kept in a Microsoft Access database while the callsign database is a purchased Amateur Radio database CD (from www.qrz.com).
  • Uses Data Access Objects (DAO) as the database interaction tool.  (It was originally writtten in 1998 as ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) was in its early days). 
    I developed this program for my Amateur Radio friends and myself.
    The term "QueSO", comes from the Amateur Radio term QSO which refers to a successfully completed radio contact.

Screen Shots
Main Screen
The main screen shows completed radio contacts. There are several viewing options, some of which are: the ability to filter frequency ranges, column sorting, hiding/displaying columns, call sign searching, and the ability to select an entry for viewing or editing. The status bar also shows the current time in Greenwich Meantime.
Add QSO (Add a New Radio Contact)
The "Add QSO" dialog box is used when entering a completed radio contact and is optimized for use while talking on the radio.  When the user enters a call sign, the program will automatically look up that call sign in an Amateur Radio database and fill in the name, address, and other information related to the call sign. The program also checks to see if there is a previous entry for that call sign and indicates whether it is a new contact or a repeat contact. 
Log Administration
The "Log Administration" screen displays the name of each of the logs the user has created. From this dialog box the user can create, delete, back up, and repair the databases.