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Manufacturing Operator Data System (MODS)
A production data monitoring system.

The Manufacturing Operations Data System was developed to collect and display production data on a factory floor. The system allows operators to easily see and enter the data from the floor as well as allow people in the office area to monitor the production status.

The system comprises the following components:

  • Injection molding machines which are connected to the I/O system.

  • The local plant data server which communicates with the I/O system to prepare, serve, and store prodction data and parameters.

  • The client programs consist of the web interface and the press client program. These programs allow data to be viewed.

System Overview

  • Machine I/O System:  The system has multiple electical I/O components which monitors when the maching is running, counts the production cycles, tracks produced and scrap parts, downtimes, and other production data. This system is not part of my programming.

  • Local OPC Data Server computer contains the OPC Broker/Web Optimizer:
    • Communicates with the OPC server.
    • Prepares OPC data for more efficient use with the web server.
    • Retrieves requested OPC data and sends it out a standard TCP socket for the press clients. This program was added after having difficulties using standard OPC DCOM security and mysterious client disconnects through Terminal Services. This also allows for cleaner abnormal disconnects and reconnects.
    • Written in Micorsoft Visual C++.

  • Web Client:
    • Displays current, real-time machine status.
    • Displays individual machine statistics such as average cycle time, production and scrap counts, downtime, and other types of information.
    • Allows management to configure shift and plant information.
    • Written in PHP.

  • SMS Pager Client (not shown on the above diagram) also runs on the local data server. It monitors for various system events such as a machine going down. Click here for more details.

Screen Shots

Currently for client confidentiality, I do not have any screenshots that I can publish.