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Formula Production System
A production system that assists in the manufacturing of high-energy nutrition products.

This system is a multi-part solution that provides critical, real-time information and control of a food manufacturing process.  It is responsible for monitoring equipment status, ingredient storage conditions (temperatures and levels), and ingredient distribution of major liquid ingredients.  

The system comprises the following components:

    •  The Control System Data Server computer contains the following:
      • An OPC server (via TCP/IP using Rockwell Software's RSLinx) connection to the controls system PLC (Allen-Bradley Control Logix 5550).
      • The System Monitor software (Rockwell Software RSView32).
      • The OPC Monitor Server program.  This monitors the status of the OPC server and each of the client (workstation) computers.
      • Remote Access Server
    • The Evaporator and Batch Station computers contain the following:
      • OPC Monitor Client, which communicates with the OPC Monitor Server.
      • Evaporator & Batch Station program, an OPC client in which operators enter the ingredient quantities needed for a particular recipe.

System Overview

  • Evaporator & Batch Station Program
    • Developed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0  with ADO as the data access tool.
    • Developed as on OPC client.
    • Monitors control system status.
    • Monitors pertinent silo levels.
    • Allows the workstation operator to enter the liquids and quantities needed for a recipe then the system will automatically release the proper amounts.
    • Displays current recipe progress.
    • Records pertinent information about the batches produced.
  • OPC Monitor Server/Client
    • Developed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and uses MS Winsock.
    • Monitors the state of the OPC server on the server computer.
    • Monitors the state of the OPC clients on the remote computers.
    • Controls the start up and shut down of the client programs depending on the state of the OPC server.
    • Allows a user at the server to manually start up or shut down individual clients as needed.
  • System Monitor
    • Develooped using Rockwell Software RSView32.
    • Monitors several hundred data values in the control system PLC.
    • Configured to send messages to a maintenance pager when certain alarms occur.
    • Displays the control system status.
    • Records any alarms for future reference.

Screen Shots
Main Screen
This screen shot is a partial view of the main batch station screen.
Evaporator Screen
One part of the manufacturing system contains an evaporator skid, where certain ingredients are prepared for use in the various recipes.   This is a screen shot the operator uses while in manual mode.
Workstation Enclosure
This is a picture of the actual workstation enclosure with the flat panel, industrial computer and keyboard.